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    Could Your Property Management Or Lettings Inspections And Reporting Be More Efficient?

    Could your property management or lettings inspections and reporting be more efficient?

    Are your current methods of recording inspections and conducting reports working well for your property management company or letting agency? Is it something you think about? Or are they tasks that are done without thinking or considering how to become more efficient?

    There may be many reasons why you carry on doing what you’re doing. Whether those reasons are valid, realistic or honest is a whole other matter.

    But what if you were to take a more objective view of your inspection and reporting processes? If you were to consider that what you are doing isn’t as efficient as it could be? What would you improve on and why?

    We’re going to take a look at how inefficient reporting and inspecting could be affecting your property management or lettings business.


    Inefficiency 1 – Repetition

    Repeating the same information every time someone in the team has to complete a report that was done the previous month or year is not only inefficient, it’s unnecessary.

    There might also be repetition of information when the person completing the report or inspection has to return to the office and upload information into the system, or create an electronic version if paper based.

    None of this is ideal and doesn’t need to happen in the age of digital and automation.


    Inefficiency 2 – Disjointed data

    If reporting and inspections are being carried out by paper or using spreadsheets, word documents or any other antiquated methods, the transfer and collation of information will either not be possible or will be an extremely manual process.

    This leads to poor management information which could create am host of problems that may not be visible until the better alternative is pointed out.

    Imagine what management could do if data and information for reports were easily gathered and collated.

    Property management companies and letting agents could pre-empt repairs or maintenance requirements and potentially save money by fixing rather than replacing or proactively managing repairs and maintenance rather than waiting until something goes wrong.


    Inefficiency 3 – Lack of functionality

    When reporting and inspections are being carried out by older methods, especially, but not limited to, paper based formats, lack of functionality can be a big problem. It’s a problem that can create a lot of unwanted frustration and stress for the team.

    This could come in the form of not being able to upload photos easily, add a signature or change question sets easily. Really simple tasks that could be made much easier with a better, more efficient way of doing things.

    It could also be related to the issue of repetition. Rather than calling up a previous report, the user has to start from scratch again instead of going through an older version and updating it with whatever has changed.


    Inefficiency 4 – Time wasted

    All of these inefficiencies leads to the overall detriment of wasted time. Which no manager or business wants. Time is precious. And it’s the one commodity which we cannot get back. We really do need to make every effort and trick in the book to use it wisely.

    That could mean taking the time to figure out inefficiencies in the business. In doing so, it will ultimately reduce time spent on activities such as reporting and inspections by addressing all of the inefficiencies described in this article. It will also help to highlight other areas that the business will benefit from being more efficient in.


    Make 2021 the year when you schedule in a morning or afternoon, or an ongoing efficiency feedback loop for a week or a month and identify where and how your property management or lettings company could become more efficient. You might just be surprised and relieved at the results and what easy steps you can take to improve.


    If your reporting and inspecting could benefit from being more efficient, please get in touch with the INSPCT team.