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    How Does The Quality Of Your Inspections Affect Your Relationships With Customers?

    How does the quality of your inspections affect your relationships with customers?

    As a property management company or letting agent what does the quality of reporting or inspections say about your business? Does it say anything? These documents are often client or potential client facing. So the standard has to be high in order to give a good impression. Inspections can often produce large reports with varying information so there’s certainly a lot of room for error too. What are the main pitfalls experienced when conducting inspections that are reflected in the output? We’re going to take a look at five common areas where reports generated from an inspection can go wrong.

    Photos – unclear and oddly positioned

    If an inspection is being carried out using a method that doesn’t allow for uploading of photos directly into the report, this can often mean that photos are taken using a mobile or camera. The phots are then uploaded into the report which can lead to loss of quality/resolution and the photo being cropped or manipulated to fit the space. This can result in a document that looks a bit pieced together and amateurish.

    Lacking professionalism

    This takes us on to what could be classed as lacking professionalism. How the information is presented must reflect the level of professionalism of your property management company or letting agent. If it doesn’t, the business might be perceived as being untrustworthy or unreliable.


    Unless you have a very robust reporting process in place that monitors the output closely, reports, inspections, surveys etc could all end up looking different and ‘off brand’. This could be as a result of what we have mentioned regarding photos – different quality etc. Or it could be down to different font sizes, different fonts, misplaced logos and so on. If reports are generated by different people using programs that allow for amends to be made easily, then inconsistent reporting can and will happen.

    Not enough information

    As with all reports, the information produced is only as good as the information put in. If the method of recording inspections is disjointed or there isn’t enough space to put in the information needed, short cuts are made. Which can lead to poor information being produced at the end. It’s important to ensure that the information that’s needed has the opportunity to present itself how it should.

    Poorly branded

    This can be a combination of what’s already been mentioned. Logos can end up being positioned strangely or stretched or skewed if the inspection or reporting document isn’t fixed. Fonts and colours could be changed by creative personnel who think the document needs a little ‘brightening up’. The fact it’s not on brand is unknown to them. These things may seem subtle, but collectively, they can create a lack of trust in clients or potential clients who subconsciously take in these subtle differences.

    These five pitfalls of producing reports can easily be avoided if enough attention is given to this area of the business. If you have got to this point of the article and recognise any of these situations happening in your property management company or letting agent, get in touch and let us know your experiences. We may be able to help you out!


    Crawford Burns is Product Manager for INSPCT. Please contact Crawford to chat about upgrading the reporting processes in your property management company or letting agent.