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    How Can Property Managers And Letting Agents Go Above And Beyond Client Expectations In 2021?

    How can property managers and letting agents go above and beyond client expectations in 2021?

    How can property managers and letting agents go above and beyond client expectations in 2021?


    For many Property Managers and Letting Agents, conducting checks, surveys and carrying out inspections is a daily occurrence. Often, these tasks are carried out using paper and pen or, for those who have made it into the 21st century, a laptop, tablet or perhaps even a mobile phone. No matter what type of method you or your company uses, the end result has to produce the right results. And those results need to be presented to clients, potential clients, colleagues, management and potentially Boards. Getting it right (or wrong) can be the difference between impressing the reader or completely missing the mark. So how can you make you sure you always hit the target and go above and beyond everyone’s expectations?


    Be willing to adapt

    We tend to go from day to day doing the same things, in the same old ways. Very rarely do we take the time to question our methods. Unless a business is forward thinking and strategically minded, it’s easy to get caught up in the trap of doing what’s always been done. Humans, generally speaking, are resistant to change. However, the pandemic has forced the majority of people and businesses to have to navigate and implement some sort of change. This has shown how adaptable we can be when we have to be. By being willing to adapt and change, business processes, like reporting, can be scrutinised and made better through use of good technology that works for everyone.

    Use technology to help you react and be proactive

    It goes without saying that property managers and letting agents who are better equipped to cope and react to change will be the ones that survive and thrive. When it comes to communication and collaboration when producing reports and information in property management and lettings, it’s easy to do this swiftly and efficiently with the right technology. When everyone has access to the same information in the same place, people and teams can collaborate quickly and easily. Which means that the end customer or client will also not suffer at the hands of delays and being disorganised.

    Stay on the rails

    It can be so frustrating when we can’t find a vital piece of information. Paper trails can go off the rails. No matter how diligent you try to be – whether physical or electronic – paper, can go awry. By utilising the right technology, the beginning of the paper trail will always be found. A report can never go ‘missing’. If the processes and procedures for reporting are made easy and clear, then the potential for mistakes, errors or lost forms, will be reduced. And so, everyone involved will be happier.

    Be more efficient

    When reports are automated, there’s no need to wait to get back to the office or getting back and having to re-enter information. Used well, technology can free up time (and therefore money) by making processes smoother. Technology can open up responsibility and accountability so that information becomes fluid and can be shared instantly and easily between all involved.


    There is of course no better way to exceed expectations than to have a team of property managers or letting agents who operate like clockwork. And a team of property managers or letting agents can work together better when everyone is using the same systems and processes which can often be improved using technology. Especially now, when working from home and meeting online has become normal, having that ability to interact and be connected to the same documents, reports and information is crucial. Technology can help teams avoid the pitfalls of disjointed communication as well as help collaborate and share.


    Those are just a few ways that property managers and letting agents can go above and beyond the expectations of stakeholders in 2021. Embracing digital technology can help everyone be more productive, save time, save money and ultimately improve business relationships at all levels, internally and externally.


    If you are a property manager or letting agent looking to improve your reporting processes in 2021, please do contact me, Crawford Burns to have a friendly chat about how we can help you.