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    Our Top 3 Business Apps For Construction Professionals In 2021

    Our Top 3 business apps for Construction Professionals in 2021

    Our Top 3 business apps for Construction Industry Professionals in 2021

    According to Construction News, 2020 was the year that construction would turn a corner in digitisation.  “The construction industry accounts for 6 per cent of the national economy and hires as many as 2.4 million workers in the UK – roughly 8 per cent of the whole workforce. Yet, despite its national and indeed global importance, it has yet to undergo any significant digitisation. A recent index from McKinsey ranked construction as one of the least-digitised industries, above only agriculture and hunting.”

    In turn, the article points out that this failure to invest in digitisation is leading to poor productivity which in turn, is costing the industry as much as £15bn a year.

    “Lower profit margins mean less money for investment in digital innovation, which in turn harms productivity. The UK government estimates that this productivity slump could be costing the industry as much as £15bn a year.”

    However, for those companies that are bucking the trend, “Investment in digital solutions is already beginning to have a positive impact, according to the survey. It found 54 per cent of companies that had already adopted integrated digital practices had seen an increase in workforce productivity; 43 per cent said business win rates had improved; and 56 per cent had cut operating costs.”

    As we head into 2021, we’ll be looking out for an update on whether 2020 was the year that digitised the construction industry. Until then, here’s the INSPCT App team’s Top 3 essential business apps for the construction industry that we think you need to start using.


    For people on and off site who need real time project information, PlanGrid is the business app you need. Upload plans to share alongside notes, drawings and photos. Record issues directly onto the plan and use hyperlinks to take users to any related documents like spec sheets or RFI’s. PlanGrid makes it easy to coordinate ant building site, no matter the size. And you can handover the project easily as PlanGrid allows you to generate comprehensive ‘as builts’ and reports. Plans can be accessed by the entire team, whether they are on or offsite, simply by having the app on a device – phone or tablet or desktop.

    PlanGrid also has an ‘ecosystem’ of apps and software that can be connected to PlanGrid to make your business even more slick and productive.


    Need something robust to track your projects? “Fieldwire is the place where the entire project team — from each foreman to the project manager — comes together to collaborate and share information in real-time.”

    Fieldwire facilitates good communication and keeps projects ticking along at the right pace. It gives transparency and accountability to your projects, as everyone sees who is supposed to do what, when. And it aligns field and office staff. No one can say they didn’t get an email as everything is captured in Fieldwire.


    Do you want to improve productivity and provide customers or clients with accurate ETA’s and departure times? Do you manage a field team or large number of contractors or building sites and need to keep track of who is where and when? Hubstaff is an automated team and time management tool that gives everyone visibility of who is where. You don’t need to continue messing around on timesheets or chasing people or updates as Hubstaff does all that boring stuff for you.

    It will be interesting to find out whether the construction industry has embraced digitalisation in 2020 – particularly as it was such an odd year. But perhaps the perfect year to find new and better ways to be productive and save time and money.

    And of course. If you’re ready to go digital with your reporting, checklists and audits, or you need to move away from a digital solution that doesn’t quite fit your needs, please do contact the INSPCT app team.


    Our Top 3 business apps for the construction industry was put together by Crawford Burns who is INSPCT’s Commercial Manager. Crawford has many years of experience in the sector.