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    Our Top 5 Business Apps Property Managers And Letting Agents Can’t Do Without In 2021

    Our Top 5 business apps Property Managers and Letting Agents can’t do without in 2021

    Our Top 5 business apps Property Managers and Letting Agents can’t do without in 2021

    As I write this article, it’s the 25th November 2020. Last week, on the 19th November, the IRPM  published a White Paper, “Tech Insights: how technology is impacting the property management profession.” Within the white paper, the IRPM notes that, “Virtually all of you believe that technology will have a positive influence on the customer experience going forward – and more than 80% are excited about the influence it is now having over all our lives.” So we thought we’d give a run down of our Top 5 apps for Property Managers  and Letting Agents in 2021. Not necessarily specific to the industry, but apps that could transform your digital landscape and contribute to improved productivity in your property management or lettings team.



    Described as an ‘extension of your brain’, the Evernote app has 225 million users who get the benefits of remembering everything. Founded by Stepan Pachikov in 2000, this added brainpower is designed for note taking, organising, task management and archiving.

    Do you remember the Friends episode where Ross calls his own landline to leave himself a message to remind him to be thankful for not being alive. Oh and to buy stamps?

    The next time you want to remind yourself of something important you need to do in the office when you’re out and about, open Evernote and jot it down. See something important when you’re out and about? Take a photo and add it to your Evernotes.   You can also make voice notes  or add sketches. All of your notes will be stored in notebooks and can be tagged, annotated, edited, searched, given attachments, and exported.

    “Evernote helps people focus on what matters most to them. It’s where ideas become answers, where individuals organize their daily lives, and where teams come to create and share work together.

    Why is Evernote good for Property Managers and Letting Agents? Because you’re moving away from pen and paper. Because you’re fed up forgetting things when you’re out and about. Because you want to keep all of your work related ‘stuff’ in one place. And you want to feel organised with your thoughts, ideas and information.

    Evernote basic is free with paid plans available for more features and benefits for you and your team.



    Next on our Top 5 business apps list is Slack. Slack is “a place where people get work done, together.” It’s an app that provides a central hub for everyone in the team to connect, share and collaborate. It’s basically group email on steroids.

    Create your own hub, add all of your team – Property Managers, Letting Agents, Finance, Directors etc and get sharing across all of your current disjointed platforms.

    In their own words, “Slack is a new way for your entire company to communicate. It replaces email with something faster, better organised and more secure. Instead of one-off email chains, all your communication is organised into channels that are easy to create, join and search. When there’s a channel for everything that happens at your company, everyone knows exactly where to go to get work done.”

    Another freemium based app, Slack has a very basic free package for small teams with paid subscriptions for larger teams or more features and benefits.

    Slack was founded in 2009 and is available for Windows and Android.



    For Property Managers and Letting Agents who are out and about, driving from block to block, visiting properties and organising meetings, expenses are part and parcel of your role. But how much do you enjoy doing your expenses claims? I’m not sure it’s a job anyone enjoys having to sit down and organise. Especially if your expenses are as long as your arm. Fear not, Expensify is here to save the day.

    Expensify is a mobile app for Android and iOS users that takes the monotony out of doing your expenses. According to Expensify is;

    “The only AICPA recommended solution for receipt tracking, expense reporting, mileage tracking, and company card reconciliation

    Go paperless with Expensify and Xero for all your receipt and expense management needs. With Expensify, it’s faster than ever to review expenses, reimburse employees, and close your books each month.”

    Expensify is a paid for app with prices starting at €5.00 per month.



    How many business cards do you have lying around your desk and in your drawers? Your pockets? Your wallet or purse? Your bag? Or perhaps you’ve had networking events online during 2020 and you forgot to ask for the contact details of someone you met?

    Well, the Inigo business app could step in to help. Inigo is the digital business cards app that allows you to share contact details with customers and connections without having to carry around or rely on ye olde fashioned cardboard business cards.

    Simply download the app to your digital device (Android or iOS), create your card and start sharing. You can have your marketing department create a branded template that everyone in the team can use.

    You will never run out of business cards again. And in today’s ever increasing remote networking and events, you can easily share your details with someone you meet across the other side of the world. Or in the same town or city – that’s up to you!

    Inigo is available to use for free or you can upgrade depending on your business needs.


    Koolspan Trust Call

    Worried about your business calls or texts being intercepted or confidentiality compromised?  Our fifth and final app is another that could help in the age of remote working and communicating from a distance. Koolspan is an encryption app that will give you complete peace of mind when speaking on the phone about confidential information. Koolspan also does the same for text messages.

    Not only that, the software comes with API’s so that you can integrate Koolspan TrustCall into your existing IT and core systems for added protection from hackers, eavesdroppers or security risks. Protect mobile to desktop calls and it’s available internationally.

    It’s ideal for businesses that need to protect the privacy of contract tenders and wins, the privacy of client conversations and regulatory information.

    Contact Koolspan for a quote.


    So there you have it – the INSPCT App’s Top 5 business apps for Property Managers and Letting Agents in 2021 compiled by Will McImoyle, our Technical Director who is based in our Southampton office.


    From everyone in the INSPCT team, we’d like to wish you a prosperous 2021!