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    How Can You Improve Your Reporting Processes In 2021?

    How Can You Improve Your Reporting Processes in 2021?

    We’ve all had to adjust our business life during 2020. Perhaps the enforced changes have also made you think about other areas in the business that need to change to make life easier. A lot of that comes down to appropriate and good use of technology. In this quick read article, I’m going to outline 3 simple ways to improve your reporting in 2021.


    1. Determine if you have a problem with reporting.

    Conduct a detailed audit of your current reporting processes. Pull together the detail and the information to determine where there is room for improvement. The audit might shine a light on gaping holes in your reporting process. Or it might show that you are on the ball. What matters is that you do it. We are all guilty of being too close to what we do that we can’t see the woods for the trees.


    1. Ask the team what they think of your reporting.

    It’s all very well sitting around a board room table and trying to decide what is and isn’t working in an organisation.  The best information will come from those in the business that work day to day using reports. Ask them what their challenges are, what they like, what they would change if they could. Then include the team in the change process so that they get on board.


    1. Get comfortable with implementing change.

    In order to improve, we need to change and be flexible. This is hard – especially when a team of people are involved in the change. But if we want to see improvements we need to do something differently. So unless your reporting is 100% accurate, timely and efficient, you need to address what improvements you can make and how you will introduce them. When implementing change it’s important to involve everyone that will be affected from the outset. Put a change plan in place and ensure this is communicated to all. We’ve produced a useful planner for introducing a new reporting process to your organisation. If you’d like a copy, drop me an email or give me a call.


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