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    Setting Reporting Goals For 2021? Prepare For A Better Year Of Reporting With INSPCT’s Top 3 Ways To Plan Your Reporting In 2021

    Setting reporting goals for 2021? Prepare for a better year of reporting with INSPCT’s Top 3 Ways to Plan your Reporting in 2021

    Are you ready for better reporting in 2021? Let’s face it, 2020 has largely been a bit of a write off. Plans made for the year went out the window when our attention was forced to turn to getting through the enforced changes of the pandemic. No one planned for this in 2019. And can we even think about planning or setting goals for 2021?

    Yes, we think we can set goals for 2021. If we don’t we run the risk of plodding along, with no direction, which can bring us down further. No one knows how things will develop so perhaps for 2021 we should be looking at planning in a different way? Plan for the worst and hope for the best perhaps?

    For businesses like yours that carry out reporting, surveying, inspections or checklists, you need to be able to move around and access the places you need to go to. So how do you possibly plan for 2021? I’ve come up with three steps to plan slightly counterintuitively for 2021 so that you can achieve your reporting goals, whether 2021 pans out as we hope it will. Or not.

    INSPCT’s Top 3 Counterintuitive Ways to Plan your Reporting in 2021

    1. Total lockdown for 2021?

    Could it get any worse than that? Well, possibly yes. A war could break out. A meteor could hit. Severe weather could destroy parts of the country or the world. The truth is, that no matter how much we think we can predict the future, we can’t. But perhaps we can put goals in place that might help us to at least feel better about having some control over the future. What if 2021 did see us going into full lockdown again for the entire year? What provisions could you put in place to get through that? Imagine the worst case scenario and put a plan in place to deal with this? What might that scenario look like for your business? And what could you do manage it?


    2. What lessons have you learned from 2020?

    And how might your business utilise those learnings to build stronger, more robust processes? Ok there’s nothing counterintuitive about that but what would be, is to view the changes that have happened this year not as a ‘needed to do it’ but as an opportunity to adapt and implement better ways to work. Working from home is the single biggest change that the majority of us have had to cope with and sharing information between a team and with clients or external stakeholders would have been tested. Shifting perspective from ‘had to do’ to ‘should have done this long ago’ could dramatically alter how you view future plans for the business.


    3. Use this year as an opportunity to simplify how you report.

    If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that we need to make our lives easier and not over complicate what we do – business and personal. We don’t know what’s around the corner so by making business processes easier and more fluid, we are in a better position to deal with curve balls. Take the time to review your reporting processes. Can you make it easier and less time consuming so that you spend less time on site? Can you make reporting easier so that anyone can do what needs to be done?


    If you’re thinking about updating your reporting processes in 2021 and don’t know where to start, our UK based team have tons of experience and we’re more than happy to assist you. We’ve also pit together a handy 100 day change planner which we’ll email to you for free!


    Crawford Burns is Commercial Manager for INSPCT. If you’d like to discuss switching to a new reporting process, get in touch with Crawford on 0345 646 0280.